When starting for the first time, a message tells me my phone is not compatible with the detection system.

This message tells you the system will not be able to detect you with the camera. However, you can receive photos of events you subscribe to and from people who have chosen to share with you.

Does it use a lot of data on my mobile?

The Happic mobile app receives thumbnails (miniature photos) which are usually less than 40KB each. So even if you receive thousands of photos, the storage would be insignificant compared to any other data plan. You can always check the volume of data used by Happic via tools in your mobile.

Battery use

The screen is the main source of battery use for a mobile, especially on a sunny day. Apart from using the screen more time than usual, Happic should not be a substantial increase in battery consumption.

Privacy and security

Happic uses your Google account as a tool to ensure the privacy of your data. Because of the Google infrastructure, HAPPIC only knows the name of your account and cannot access either your Google password or other private data contained in your account. The only information reaching Happic is from the photos sent.

If I enlarge the picture it looks blurred

The photos are sent at low resolution to improve efficiency in sending and storage. The resolution will be enough for you to choose your favourite photos. Once you have chosen them, you can add them to the cart to request their download at full resolution. This may be subject to charges which are clearly indicated by the integrated Google Play purchase system before you buy. The photo at full resolution is sent by email later. Depending on the event and the conditions of the sponsors, the photos may carry a watermark.

My iphone is not getting pictures even after passing close to a Happic Photographer

Happic needs LOCATION PERMISSIONS to be able to detect the cameras nearby. To do this, open the Settings app and scroll down to the list of apps at the very bottom. Tap Happic app and you’ll see the permissions it wants. You must enable location permissions from here.


How does the system work?

Happic is a comprehensive and instant photograph distribution system, which can detect and match users with each photograph. This allows for the distribution and/or filtering between photos and matching users, to avoid long searches for photos. Happic includes three features to make it work:

  • Happic Terminal

The electronic connection to the camera sends each photograph taken with the camera to the HAPPIC server and its matching users.

  • Happic Service

The set of cloud servers that store and distribute photographs to matching users, as well as the Happic photo event management portal.

  • Happic app

The user mobile application that detects cameras and displays, shares, downloads and buys photos.

What cameras does it work with?

Happic is compatible with most professional cameras on the market (e.g. Canon or Nikon). Ask us about the compatibility of your specific model.

How do I connect the camera?

Just follow these steps:

1. Turn the HAPPIC Terminal on and leave it for 30s for the system to get reception. Less than half a minute after turning on, the HAPPIC Terminal is ready to track photographs taken and users. Check your Happic Terminal is connected to the system via the Happic management portal.

2. Connect the camera to the HAPPIC Terminal via the USB cable supplied with the camera.

3. Take a test photo. Remember: if you have created the event, all the pictures are sent instantly to those subscribing to the event.

If you keep the Happic app turned on in your mobile with Bluetooth enabled, the picture should be sent to your mobile. You can also create an event in the Happic management portal. If you don’t receive the photos or it’s the first time you have connected the camera, check the following:

a) The battery level in the corresponding HAPPIC Terminal indicator. The integrated 26Ah battery has enough capacity for several days of operation.

b) There is good 3G or 4G phone reception in your area on the display. If not, the equipment will send all the pending information as soon as there is reception.

c) The settings on the HAPPIC Service management portal. Check the start and end dates and that the Happic Terminal selected is correct.

d) The recording in jpg format on the camera settings. It does not matter if it is also recorded in the raw format. The HAPPIC Terminal only process files in jpg format and ignores any others.

e) Any other WiFi photo sharing system or similar is switched off.

f) The USB reading is switched on via MTP in the camera settings. Configure the photo storage in the location configured with the MTP. Turn off any other WiFi connection systems or equivalent.

What if there is no reception at that moment?

You must be in an area with 3G reception for the HAPPIC Terminal connected to the camera to be able to send photos instantly. If there is no reception for part of the event, Happic will continue tracking users and will send the photo information to the Happic servers and stored users as soon as reception returns.

If there is no reception at any point during the event, Happic will store all the information to be updated to the servers as soon as it connects to the Internet; later in a hotel, for example. Ask us about solutions and satellite communication plans.

Can I see all the pictures I take from the mobile app?

Yes. An event is created and subscribed to using the photograph management portal. If the photos you are taking are to be distributed by detection and not subscription, set up a private event so only you can view all the photos.

Are the photos stored in the camera?

Yes. The photos are read from the HAPPIC hardware to be processed and sent but are not deleted, and the recording process is not modified or interrupted. On many camera models, the photographer will notice no difference if the HAPPIC system is connected to the camera. Some camera models turn off the screen when something is connected to the USB port.

How I can take a test photo without it being distributed to the Happic system?

Remember that while the Happic system is connected to the camera, the pictures you take are detected immediately and distributed to users or subscribers. If you want to take a test photograph and do not want it to be distributed to Happic, disconnect the USB cable from your camera, take the picture, check it and make sure to delete it before reconnecting the USB cable.

I don't get new pictures from the automatic photography system

Start checking the connections status in the Happic Portal. Check the time of the last picture and the time of the last connection to the camera. If after a power cycle of both Camera and Happic Terminal you still don’t get new pictures, check the shutter system. If the shutter was active all the time consequence of fault condition, after repairing it it is necessary to power cycle the whole system.