There are many situations worthy of being immortalised by a professional quality photograph. However, the time and difficulty in sending them for evaluation deters potential buyers from even trying. Happic was formed to solve this problem.

Happic is an automatic and instant system for sending photographs taken with cameras connected to the Happic system. In addition, Happic incorporates automatic detection of the user being photographed, to help users locate their photos on their mobile from among all those taken during an event or at a particular place. Using the application, users can share all the photos they appear in from their mobile instantly and automatically in advance. For example, at the start of a mountain race, users can send their family and friends photos of the event in real time.

The Happic system makes it easier for photos taken at an event to reach those potentially interested, and:

  1. Sends almost instantaneous photos for receipt by those interested in them.
  2. Detects and filters the presence of the participant in the photos.
  3. Automatically shares photos with whoever the user wishes.
  4. Incorporates a system of buying pictures.

Happic system

HAPPIC is a comprehensive and instantaneous photograph distribution system which includes a sales platform.

The Happic system includes connection to a camera, cloud services and a user app:

Happic Terminal:

The electronic equipment connected to the camera sends each photograph taken by the camera to the HAPPIC server and its matching users.

Happic Service:

This is the set of cloud servers that store and distribute the photographs and matching users, as well as the Happic photograph event management portal.

Happic app:

The user mobile app that detects cameras and displays, shares, downloads and buys pictures.


The Happic app has the appearance of a gallery app for displaying photos from albums. The miniature photographs -or thumbnails – can be grouped according to time intervals, places or events. When viewing a thumbnail, you can ask for it to be downloaded in high resolution at a pre-arranged price from the management portal.

Happic includes photographs in the app when any of the following circumstances are satisfied:

1. Detection of user mobile:

All the photos taken while the user is near to a camera connected to a Happic Terminal are sent to that user. Users need to take their mobile with a functioning Happic app so that it can be detected. These photographs are added to the “My Photos” group in the Happic app. This detection provides users with the location of the pictures that interest them, thereby reducing the time spent searching for them.

For example, from a cycling event of 10,000 participants, the user will receive only the photos taken when he was near a camera.

2. Subscription to events:

From the app, you can subscribe to events to receive all the pictures taken at that event, even if you are not physically present at the event. To do so, the photographer must have programmed the event in the Happic management portal.

Imagine the following situation: your two best friends are participating in a mountain bike race and you are waiting for them at the finish line. During the race, the photographers located right next to the most exciting places are taking pictures of all the participants incl. your two best friends when they rush by. These action pictures will be sent instantly to you if you are subscribed to this event.

3. ‘Share with me':

Users can automatically share photos with any of their mobile phone contacts by programming an event from the application. Thus, every time they are near a photographer, the photographs taken are immediately sent to both the user and selected contacts. If another Happic user has decided to ‘share with me’ any photos taken while he was near a camera with the Happic Terminal, Happic will show the photos of that other user who ‘shared with me’

For example, in a mountain marathon, the user’s contacts may receive photos in real time and thus be aware of their progress in the race.

The app is available for downloading free at both Android® and Apple® app stores. You can find more information about Happic and its app permissions in the app stores.


The photographer or Happic event administrator can create, view and modify all the features of each particular event, as well as monitor the status of Happic Terminals.

The most important configurable event features are:

  • Event start and end time: Only those photos taken during this period will be distributed among subscribers to that event.
  • Public or private nature of the event: The event can be shown in the events list as public or private, with the latter needing a name and password to subscribe to the event.
  • Price of photographs: If not available for free.
  • Thumbnail watermark and/or high resolution photo: The event administrator can add watermarks or sponsor logos to the photos.
  • Subscription statistics, sales, etc.


These systems are often used for amusement parks, theme parks or ski resorts, for example. They can find points where the conditions make it possible to focus, frame and automatically take photographs. If you want a new automatic photography system or you want to automate the distribution of photographs for an existing one, please contact our technical department, which will provide a solution to meet your needs.

Happic automatic photography systems have been implemented in the most severe environmental conditions.